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Here at Franchise Accounting & Tax, we work exclusively with franchisees. This means that we understand the accounting and business issues you face. From our work with many franchisees across a wide range of industries, we have developed specialist skills and knowledge

Peter Knight, FCPA - Founder

Peter Knight, FCPA - Founder

peter knight, fca, fcpa

Peter is a qualified accountant with years of experience in the franchise industry.

He has completed many due diligence assignments for prospective franchisees. He also works with business owners on their business structures, and during the initial set-up of their business.

Peter enjoys helping franchise owners understand their numbers and business analysis.

He is a Chartered Accountant, and former President of CPA Australia (NSW). He presents regularly at conferences and workshops throughout Australia and overseas.


Kate Groom, Client Solutions

Kate Groom, Client Solutions

kate groom

Kate has worked with hundreds of franchisees at various stages of their business life.

She is responsible for the set up, implementation and training on systems for new franchisees. 

Kate has years of experience in helping franchise owners with the financial aspects of their business and enjoys helping clients with their business planning and analysis.

She is a regular contributor to franchising and business publications and enjoys presenting at business workshops.



our team

Located in Australia, our team at Franchise Accounting & Tax is comprised of qualified and experienced accountants and bookkeepers. Each of our team members are well-acquainted with franchising and how it works – so you can be rest assured that you’ll be in safe hands.

When you start working with us, you’ll be personally allocated a member of our bookkeeping team to closely work with you for day-to-day matters. When it comes to tax, your work will be completed by a qualified CPA and reviewed at Director Level. If you have any queries, you will able to discuss your tax and confidential matters directly with a qualified CPA on our team.