next steps

Business Set-up

Once you’ve decided to purchase your franchise, you'll need to establish your business structure and set up your accounting systems.

That's where we can help.

We follow a structured set-up process:

  1. Advice on the most appropriate business structure for your situation
  2. Establish the agreed business structure
  3. Care for the ATO and ASIC registrations, provide your Registered Office
  4. Set up your accounting system and train you how to use it

Business structure Set Up

It's really important to choose the right structure and have it set up correctly at the start. If not, it will need to be corrected later, which can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive.

To find out more about our services for franchise business structure set up and pricing, click here.

Accounting Systems Set Up

Accurate books and records form the foundation of good business management. It's best to establish your accounting systems before you start trading.

We have designed a specific approach suitable for franchise businesses. We help with the set up, implementation and training you on what you need to know. Find out more.