Peter & Jaclyn's Business Health Check

Congratulations to Peter and Jaclyn from Zeus Street Greek for undertaking a Business Health Check on their franchise.

They opened in May, 2017 and wanted to check on their financial performance.

The Business Health Check allowed them to check the financial health of their business and see if any changes were needed.

Jaclyn said, "When we finished the review we were keen to go and investigate our figures more to see where we were at. We can start to make changes right away.”

The Business Health Check not only looks at the key figures in the Profit & Loss Statement, but reviews the Balance Sheet as well. This is often the forgotten page of the financials, but the Balance Sheet contains critical information about the financial strength of a business. In fact, it's where cashflow issues show up.

The Health Check shows where to focus your attention. As Jaclyn said, "… it helped shine a light on the fuzziness we felt.”

We’ve developed a process for doing business health checks, specifically for franchises. Contact us for more information.

Pete & Kate