Automated Super payments in Quickbooks Online

How to pay Super in Quickbooks

Quickbooks online makes it easy to pay your quarterly Super obligations. That's because the payroll in Quickbooks is powered by KeyPay.

Even so, it's quite common for people to forget how to process a Super payment in Quickbooks. 

But fear not! Below is a link to the help guide on Super Payments in Quickbooks/KeyPay.

If you just need a quick reminder, the place to go is: Employees > Reports > Super Payments

Also, remember that when you report your Super the payment is also debited from your bank account ... so it's really only one step. Nice and straightforward.

Manage your Super obligations

1. Every time you pay wages, transfer the Super into your GST/Tax Bank account so it's there when you need to pay your Super.

2. Make a note in your calendar to remind you to pay Super each quarter. Quarterly payments are due on 28th of July, October, January and April each year.